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Single-channel video Installation 

10 minutes 

Old television set 

April 2023

FOMO Priest is a meditative video with 6 affirmations that will help you conquer the feeling of FOMO.


FOMO stands for ‘fear of missing out’ and is a popular internet term that describes the genuine fear of being left out of groups, events or celebrations. FOMO comes from the experience of social media, where the lives of people are shared online often presented as the perfect version.


Single-channel video Installation 

12 minutes

February 2023

GOLDENFISH is a performative video work where XIE3LLA has turned themselves into a goldfish dancing lavishly to the repetitive Christmas jingles around the empty Macau Venice hotel and shopping mall. The goldfish in Asian culture is often associated with luck, prosperity and abundance where as in the West the goldfish is associated as being forgetful and impressionable. 


These ideas clash in the context of luxury shopping malls such as the Venetian in Macau (which is built to look like the European water city) criticising the ideas of luxury, consumerism and advancement.  

Desktop Dreaming

Single- channel video Installation 

3 minutes 

April 2023

Closing my eyes my eyes wide open. Following the practice of meditation, closing my eyes I feel the demand to keep the open, starring into the screen without blinking I close my eyes my eyes wide open.  

A Mukbang Love Story 

Two-channel video Installation 

11 minutes 27 seconds 

Oil on Wooden board hanging from ceiling, two seperate projections

June 2022

A Mukbang  Love Story is a video installation that explores the addictive love towards the internet using the internet phenomenon ‘mukbang’ as an anecdote. 


Mukbang is an internet trend that started in 2004 in South Korea where people watch people eat online. The trend created a sense of virtual togetherness that helped people deal with their feelings of loneliness. This trend was later migrated to America through Youtube which would forever change the content of mukbangs to one of shock and attention. The transformation of mukbang content is a deep reflection of how social streaming platforms focus on stealing and manipulating peoples attention.


This is discussed throughout A Mukbang Love Story in the style of a monologue and music video. The music is completely made out of mukbang sounds and was created in collaboration with Marvin Lalihatu. 


This work was presented as Ella’s Graduation work at the Royal Academy of Art together with their thesis: Mukbang and the phenomenon of watching videos online; an extensive research into mukbang.

Installation documentation: