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Self-made, Self-wild

Self-made, Self-wild is a residency initiated by Ella Wang Olsson and Ratri Notosudirdjo. The residency is a 3-4 weeks program where 5-7 artist, musicians and filmmakers are welcomed to stay in the isolated natural landscape in Voxnabruk, Sweden. The program aims to create space for artists to consider their artistic practice within a collaborative framework: How can my work be expanded through collaboration with other artist? Is it possible to create deeper knowledge and research by opening up my artistic practice? What happens when artistic practices are shared through community building?

Due to our funding not being accepted this year, the project has been postponed to summer of 2024. We are currently applying for new funds as well as researching sustainable ways to support art projects like this. Please feel free to donate to out GoFundme page to make this project come true!


The project was initiated by a calling for community practice. It has been proven more and more difficult to find community and trust between each other in a city landscape - needing to be dependent on oneself with dispersed priorities has created a community of isolated creators. Whereas when community is found, it seems to only exist temporarily in a (usually enclosed) space and time. These moments are special however we urge for the need to spend more solid and consistent time with each other. Self-made, Self-wild not only places the group of artists in a natural outdoor setting, literally isolated from any sign of city life, the residency pushes artists to live and work together testing the boundaries of how creativity can be merged together. Questions around trust, overcoming conflict, codependency and joy are core themes during this residency. 

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